The prank was a big hit with 4chan users who were particularly amused that the word eggroll would automatically be stylised as duckroll whenever it was typed. As the joke evolved, some time in late one anonymous user Photoshopped and linked to an image of a duck with wheels- a literal interpretation of the word duckroll. Google caches and a bit of trolling through the Wayback Machine reveals that this video, along with being the first known video created expressly to Rickroll internet denizens, is one of the earliest known examples of that music video being uploaded to YouTube. As to Astley, he first learned about Rickrolling via friends of his Rickrolling him. Which brings us to what the notoriously reclusive Astley thinks of his most popular song being, to put it bluntly, the punchline to a bad joke. To begin with, Astley states he thinks the whole thing is rather amusing and, to quote the man himself,. I suppose at first I was a little embarrassed by it. I always liken it to when people look through their photo albums or home videos from 20 years ago and think, Gosh, did I really wear that? The difference is, thankfully on the one hand and perhaps a bit scarily on the other, mine are out there for the public to see whenever they want.

4chan’s Overlord Christopher Poole Reveals Why He Walked Away

Yesterday, the lonely dudes of 4chan enacted their plan to prank the lonely dudes of OkCupid. Um, not that well. Betabeat was on the ground to observe the event , and long story short: it was really lame.

The prank was a big hit with 4chan users who were particularly amused that the word eggroll would automatically be stylised as duckroll.

Fake celebrity death reports are nothing new to the Internet—a quick search shows that in just the last few years, there have been rumors spread about the death of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson uh, before he actually died , Justin Timberlake, Will Farrel, Sean Connery, and more. But with the proliferation of malware, celebrity death rumors can take on new life if spammers pick up on the trend.

That’s what happened overnight—a fake report about the death of Kanye West, originating as a prank, got co-opted by those looking to exploit your computer. The original rumor is being widely attributed to the denizens of 4chan, which turned into one of those e-mail forwards that you have learned to automatically delete. The e-mail claims that West was involved in a car crash in Los Angeles—the details aren’t all that interesting, but in case you’re curious, there was allegedly a crash between a Porche and a Ferrari and three other people who all lived were involved.

Needless to say, the crash did not happen and Kanye is still alive. Some Internet users were savvy enough to try and search for information about Kanye’s death before spreading the word, and that’s when the search trend got picked up by malware makers. As noted by security research firm Sophos , “hackers” have exploited search engine optimization techniques to get their pages to the top of the search results when people look for the news.

Clicking the links will take users to pages that push scareware and malware, which can then take over your machine and try to coerce you out of cash for a “fix. Celebrity-based exploits have become unfortunately commonplace. Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous reports of fake websites popping up to exploit celebrity searches.

The ultimate internet glossary: from 4chan to Zynga

Part of me finds Operation Cut for Bieber pretty droll. Gullible ones. Though largely off-radar, it has reached a top 50 position on the most visited sites on the web. User experience runs on a rhythm like this: gross, gross, racist, funny, racist, depressing, funny, illegal. Anybody who digs a sub-section of pterodactyl pornography will find their nirvana here. But, pranks.

Alienation, irony, autonomy, discourse. On 4chan and Internet masquerade.

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Earn fake Internet points called Karma by sharing your passion for books, movies, video games, sports, TV shows, music and technology with millions of people who share your interests. Or just browse what millions of other people are posting and talking about.

iPhone users fall for 4Chan prank claiming microwaves can charge phones

Justin Bieber to North Korea also known as “Project North Korea is Best Korea” is an Internet prank orchestrated by users of the imageboard 4chan in early , which aimed to rig an online poll to select North Korea as a destination in Justin Bieber’s “My World” tour. On May 3rd, , a fan voting page was launched on the website Faxo [6] , which allowed users to select a country for Justin Bieber to visit and perform during his “My World” tour.

The tour is anticipated to have multiple legs, and the supporting acts for the first will be Sean Kingston and Jessica Jarrell. Pop girl group The Stunners will also serve as an opening act for the first twenty dates. The tour is set to support his first release, My World, and its follow-up, My World 2.

SAN FRANCISCO — Clicking on the website 4chan’s “random” or “/b/” subsection will take you to a place very far from the polished.

In response, not4chan. For the first year or so of its existence, the majority of people on 4chan looked down upon furries, even funny animal cartoons, as a nuisance that does not belong on an anime board. In early , Furry Friday was “officially” replaced by F40PH Friday , during which users post images of locomotives. This is entirely dependent upon the board in question however, as some of the other boards’ denizens have been know to be more fur friendly than others.

For instance, few anons will mind a thread about an anthromorphic work that’s relevant to its board and nurtures worthwhile discussion. Off-topic threads i. By April 2nd, it remained and people against it tried to flood it with non-furry images, such as EroGuro — the moderators immediately banned those people. The banning almost completely eliminated all furry and many anti-furry postings for the next several months. This prank has not since been repeated.

Months prior to the April Furs Day event, to balance the growing demand for furry art and to provide a place for furry artwork to be posted without risk of removal or banning from an admin as 4chan’s owner proclaimed it was an anime website and would never add any furry or cartoon board , a user named Dr. Pon found hosting for and founded Fchan , a furry image-board. This iconic action on this day would shortly thereafter be labeled as the day of “Epic Fail” [7].

As with the ,,th post, these were deleted [9] , except for the ,,th post.

4channers Are Eating Onions to Be More Manly

On Monday afternoon, 4chan unleashed its latest prank on the Internet: a disturbing campaign to get Justin Bieber fans to cut themselves in order to stop the teen singer from smoking marijuana. For their part, 4chan have celebrated another successful prank, Canada. The message board had in convinced several Bieber fans to shave their heads following with a fabricated story that the pop star had cancer.

On the weekend, photos surfaced of Justin Bieber smoking what appeared to be marijuana with friend and fellow recording artists Lil Twist. This website uses cookies to personalize your content including ads , and allows us to analyze our traffic. Read more about cookies here.

HOW does a seemingly harmless anonymous forum created by one year-old insomniac become one of the most controversial, yet hugely influential sites on.

Betabeat sidled up to a grip of four guys in t-shirts standing across from the payphones which were swarmed with photographers and onlookers. One young man identified himself as Mr. White said. Betabeat could verify three guys who had actually been duped. Bright Blue Shirt, about 23, who had been leaning against a mailbox next to the payphones for about 20 minutes when Betabeat asked him what he was there for.

Wait, could we get a quote? He was very sweet. Steven Liu of Lean Startup Machine had brought roses for the forever loners and recruited three girls to replace their misfired dates. Around 8 p. She spoke to him, he smiled, and they walked off awkwardly hand-in-hand. Liu whispered.

4chan prank morphs into malware attack in Kanye death hoax

All rights reserved. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. Christopher Poole launched the site in when he was 15 years old. He said running the site on his own has been challenging and 4chan will continue without him and that he will take time away to decompress.

4chan is an imageboard website. I have a problem with 4chan. 4chan problems. last 24 hours.

Before he quit being the administrator of 4chan, Christopher Poole received “a lot of e-mails of a threatening nature,” he says. Poole had started 4chan as a way for fellow anime obsessives to post and discuss images. LOLcats and Rickrolling started on 4chan. So did Anonymous, the international collective of hacktivists and geeks. Most recently, 4chan has been in the crosshairs of two of the biggest controversies on the Web: the celebrity nude leaks called the Fappening, and Gamergate, the increasingly vicious battle over sexism in the video-game industry.

All of which made his decision to leave 4chan seem so confounding. What he really meant and why he was quitting were a mystery. The only child of divorced parents, Poole would routinely stay awake until the wee hours as an adolescent, due to a dysfunction of his circadian rhythms. At 12, he built his own computer, and three years later he launched 4chan.

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